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“I have invited our little seamstress to take her thread and needle and sew our two mouths together.” Harry Crosby

A recent blog post of mine was about heroes, in particular, one of my favorites, Houdini. As one who believes that without personal freedom, there is nothing, the world’s most famous escapologist is naturally right up there for me.

This post … well, Harry Crosby, as you may have guessed by that quote, was the Jazz Ages answer to Lord Byron: mad, bad and most definitely, dangerous to know. There is a great biography of him, Black Sun: The Brief Transit and Violent Eclipse of Harry Crosby, which I first read in my teens and thus began my Harry fixation. He is not a hero of mine, but he does still fascinate me, because he is, ultimately, unknowable.

I’m not alone in that fascination. Lisa St Aubin de Teran wrote a novel based around Harry, Black Idol, wound around opium, orgies and death, and I don’t think she is the sole writer or creative intrigued by his elusive, no-boundaries life and personality.

He was from a blue blood Boston family but volunteered as an ambulance driver in France during World War 1 and survived Verdun. Whatever his natural eccentricities were, by war’s end he was also probably suffering – as a massive amount of those veterans were – from PTSD, which was scarcely even conceived of at that point.

Either way, he arrived in Paris at the perfect time, the nineteen-twenties, with his wife, Caresse (and yes, that was not her original name. Rather, it was Polly). They set up the Black Sun Press which they ran as a serious enterprise, publishing early, in exquisite editions, some of the literary superstars of succeeding years including James Joyce and Hemingway.

But what he, and to a degree, Caresse, were famous for, was their headlong dive into sex, drugs and rock and roll– before rock and roll. He was outrageous, pushed every boundary, broke every rule, was a complete arsehole, entitled, spoilt rotten in world of shattered postwar survivors, and yet had a ferocious personal charm, allure and spirit of adventure. Later, having survived Harry himself, Caresse Crosby became known as a patron of the arts.

It all ended in 1929. Harry and a mistress he named the Fire Princess were found dead in what was probably a suicide pact. It was the perfect time for Harry to have checked out. With the stock market crash, the expat party scene in Paris was over.

If Harry had not met that bullet, exactly what would have happened? So much of his legend revolves around his early death– he was 31. And so he stays enigmatic. Whatever promise he had, stays simply that. It is the force of his personality, an extraordinary life as art, that holds attention rather than a body of work as the poet he saw himself as.

For anyone interested in that era, especially Paris in the twenties, reading about him is essential. Along the way you’ll encounter, as Harry did, just about every known literary and artistic figure on the scene from Hemingway to Dali and Cartier-Bresson and many others. No small feat. And if you can work out just exactly what made Harry tick, kudos to you.

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In The Flesh Freebie

HIS_FINAL_TOTAL_HellfireVampires_inc1-3I should quickly note that In The Flesh, a dark, edgy #mmromance #shifter story is now available not only as an online read but also as a #freeread download from http://www.mmromancegroup.com/in-the-flesh-by-jae-t-jaggart/ in ePub, mobi or pdf.

It can still be read online at Goodreads here.

Enjoy 🙂



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Heroes & Villains + A Taste of the Next Hellfire Vampires

medium_3570437980CROSSPOST FROM MY BLOGGER PAGE, because I am one slack poster! Apologies! (but more to read there at present, if you want to visit: http://jaetjaggart.blogspot.com.au )

As I was thinking of things to blog about, I thought one cool thing would be my heroes. One blog post at a time, lovelies! Ha! …If you asked me what quality I admire most in others, it would be guts. Or courage, if you want to be smooth about it. And the most important thing in the world: freedom.

That can be freedom to love who you want, be who you want, live the life you want.

That sole word can mean a wide range of things to each and every individual.

I have a mile-long list of my creative and life heroes (I can’t even begin to go near politics with this one, it would take forever!) Instead I’ll just list the person who has held my imagination ever since I had scabby knees and collected tadpoles.

Houdini … yep, the world’s most famous escapologist. An escapologist. What’s not to admire?

So yes, Houdini. Freedom, escaping from knotty (literally) situations, and just a little bit of magic dust thrown in there about the whole thing. What more could you want?

I won’t go into history and his bio here. There is plenty of stuff about him on YouTube and elsewhere, and I highly recommend checking it out. He died in 1926, almost a hundred years ago, and yet in certain ways, there is something so very modern about him. He’d be headlining in Vegas now, and I know I’d pay money to see him.

WRITING times: It’s looking like the lycan story, the second of the Hellfire Bloodline Vampires series, is going to be finished before the rock star contemporary I am also working on. I have a habit of working on two things at once, it keeps things bubbling. For some months my productivity dropped right back to near zero due to a nightmare of a job. That’s done and dusted and I’m writing like a fiend. It’s lovely. (For me at least).

So yes, the next Hellfire is close to completion and that makes me very happy. If you’d like to read an excerpt, click here to zip over to my blog and read a page or so.



Something from the iPod, a favourite of mine and something I am certain Easton, the sexy assassin with supernatural powers in the new Hellfire would be listening to roundabout now…

Image at top: The excellent punk, mirror-gazing, as follows

photo credit: Jon Díez Supat via photopin

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In The Flesh: Love’s Landscape’s Free Read

HIS_FINAL_TOTAL_HellfireVampires_inc1-3In The Flesh is a different, darker take on shifter romance. Here’s the blurb 🙂

Eli Cain is the most powerful, and fractured, of his shifter pack. A blood junkie, his identity is as fluid as water, his life blurred by jags of amnesia. Hours, days, weeks are lost never to be regained. Only his lover and fellow pack member, Stas, enigmatic, ruthless, eases the darkness. But even Stas could not protect them against the loss of their closest friend and fellow pack member, Vincent. Vincent, despised by the pack for his humanity.

Vincent, who Eli protected, watched over. Vincent, who has gone missing.

Just where is Vincent? And how will Eli find a way through the darkness to the answers he needs?

In The Flesh is a 12, 500 word short story available as part of the Goodreads #LovesLandscapes event. It is a free read, so click on the link below and enjoy 🙂



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Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews Video Guest Chat, Review & Giveaway

HIS_FINAL_TOTAL_HellfireVampires_inc1-3Hey all! My book Objects Of His Obsession has just been reviewed at the fun and fabulous Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews …   hit the link to read a great review  🙂  Oh, and have a giggle at me chatting on the video post (YIKES!) about Objects, writing, and which bits of my personality I did and didn’t channel into sexy Egyptologist geek (clue: GEEK) Benedict, and super-sexy aristo Evander (clue: it’s not Evander’s super-sexy aristo bits). YES, there is an actual author there and I wound up with laryngitis trying to get it right … I can now take on the world!

I had tons of fun with it and hope you guys do too … oh, and there is an eBook #giveaway and #AmazonGiftCard to be won, just check out the review and post and go in the draw!

Either way happy reading my lovelies! (and if you’re checking this site out for the first time, my blog link above tends to get updated a little more often, so you will find somewhat more general blather there)



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Writing Updates / DBML Read For Review

medium_2643636145Lord, it’s forever since I last posted here – although if you click on the blog link above, it links to my blogger site. That does get updated more frequently 🙂

ANYWAYS, good news, if you are a Goodreads member, you may be interested in checking out the #DBML program (you will have to be a member of the M/M romance group) where you can score a read for review free copy of Objects Of His Obsession. Places can be reserved now I think, and copies claimed on the 17th July.


I’m still a little in love with the guys in Objects, and I wrote it! Ha! But hell, they were powerful personalities and great fun to write. Anyways, I’m aiming for that level of emotional intensity and more with the main project I’m working on.

Big hint re storyline in that brilliant B/W photo.

I’ve finally gotten back to writing solidly after a wicked long break and some not fun life events. I did get Angel Angel written though! Timing wise, it’s all coincided with a new job & a ton more travel time. Hell, there are worse things! Either way, this new story is full-on emotional intensity, pedal to the metal, my lovelies! So hopefully heartstrings and other vital organs will be tugged!

xoxo to you all, Jae

photo credit: * raymond via photopin cc

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Adding to the Blogger House

I’m in the process of building this chunkier website, in addition to my blog at jaetjaggart.blogspot.com. I will crosspost there and fully maintain it but this site is so much easier to add in tons of extra info. Mmm, thinks, is that a good or bad thing? Either way, as great as Blogger is, I wound up with too much stuff and the cupboards were overflowing!

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