Heroes & Villains + A Taste of the Next Hellfire Vampires

medium_3570437980CROSSPOST FROM MY BLOGGER PAGE, because I am one slack poster! Apologies! (but more to read there at present, if you want to visit: http://jaetjaggart.blogspot.com.au )

As I was thinking of things to blog about, I thought one cool thing would be my heroes. One blog post at a time, lovelies! Ha! …If you asked me what quality I admire most in others, it would be guts. Or courage, if you want to be smooth about it. And the most important thing in the world: freedom.

That can be freedom to love who you want, be who you want, live the life you want.

That sole word can mean a wide range of things to each and every individual.

I have a mile-long list of my creative and life heroes (I can’t even begin to go near politics with this one, it would take forever!) Instead I’ll just list the person who has held my imagination ever since I had scabby knees and collected tadpoles.

Houdini … yep, the world’s most famous escapologist. An escapologist. What’s not to admire?

So yes, Houdini. Freedom, escaping from knotty (literally) situations, and just a little bit of magic dust thrown in there about the whole thing. What more could you want?

I won’t go into history and his bio here. There is plenty of stuff about him on YouTube and elsewhere, and I highly recommend checking it out. He died in 1926, almost a hundred years ago, and yet in certain ways, there is something so very modern about him. He’d be headlining in Vegas now, and I know I’d pay money to see him.

WRITING times: It’s looking like the lycan story, the second of the Hellfire Bloodline Vampires series, is going to be finished before the rock star contemporary I am also working on. I have a habit of working on two things at once, it keeps things bubbling. For some months my productivity dropped right back to near zero due to a nightmare of a job. That’s done and dusted and I’m writing like a fiend. It’s lovely. (For me at least).

So yes, the next Hellfire is close to completion and that makes me very happy. If you’d like to read an excerpt, click here to zip over to my blog and read a page or so.



Something from the iPod, a favourite of mine and something I am certain Easton, the sexy assassin with supernatural powers in the new Hellfire would be listening to roundabout now…

Image at top: The excellent punk, mirror-gazing, as follows

photo credit: Jon Díez Supat via photopin


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October 7, 2014 · 11:59 am

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