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Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews Video Guest Chat, Review & Giveaway

HIS_FINAL_TOTAL_HellfireVampires_inc1-3Hey all! My book Objects Of His Obsession has just been reviewed at the fun and fabulous Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews …   hit the link to read a great review  🙂  Oh, and have a giggle at me chatting on the video post (YIKES!) about Objects, writing, and which bits of my personality I did and didn’t channel into sexy Egyptologist geek (clue: GEEK) Benedict, and super-sexy aristo Evander (clue: it’s not Evander’s super-sexy aristo bits). YES, there is an actual author there and I wound up with laryngitis trying to get it right … I can now take on the world!

I had tons of fun with it and hope you guys do too … oh, and there is an eBook #giveaway and #AmazonGiftCard to be won, just check out the review and post and go in the draw!

Either way happy reading my lovelies! (and if you’re checking this site out for the first time, my blog link above tends to get updated a little more often, so you will find somewhat more general blather there)




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Writing Updates / DBML Read For Review

medium_2643636145Lord, it’s forever since I last posted here – although if you click on the blog link above, it links to my blogger site. That does get updated more frequently 🙂

ANYWAYS, good news, if you are a Goodreads member, you may be interested in checking out the #DBML program (you will have to be a member of the M/M romance group) where you can score a read for review free copy of Objects Of His Obsession. Places can be reserved now I think, and copies claimed on the 17th July.

I’m still a little in love with the guys in Objects, and I wrote it! Ha! But hell, they were powerful personalities and great fun to write. Anyways, I’m aiming for that level of emotional intensity and more with the main project I’m working on.

Big hint re storyline in that brilliant B/W photo.

I’ve finally gotten back to writing solidly after a wicked long break and some not fun life events. I did get Angel Angel written though! Timing wise, it’s all coincided with a new job & a ton more travel time. Hell, there are worse things! Either way, this new story is full-on emotional intensity, pedal to the metal, my lovelies! So hopefully heartstrings and other vital organs will be tugged!

xoxo to you all, Jae

photo credit: * raymond via photopin cc

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