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In The Flesh: Love’s Landscape’s Free Read

HIS_FINAL_TOTAL_HellfireVampires_inc1-3In The Flesh is a different, darker take on shifter romance. Here’s the blurb 🙂

Eli Cain is the most powerful, and fractured, of his shifter pack. A blood junkie, his identity is as fluid as water, his life blurred by jags of amnesia. Hours, days, weeks are lost never to be regained. Only his lover and fellow pack member, Stas, enigmatic, ruthless, eases the darkness. But even Stas could not protect them against the loss of their closest friend and fellow pack member, Vincent. Vincent, despised by the pack for his humanity.

Vincent, who Eli protected, watched over. Vincent, who has gone missing.

Just where is Vincent? And how will Eli find a way through the darkness to the answers he needs?

In The Flesh is a 12, 500 word short story available as part of the Goodreads #LovesLandscapes event. It is a free read, so click on the link below and enjoy 🙂




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